PhD research: How does a drinking water intervention impact water quality and health? A field experiment to determine the role of contextual factors in household drinking water

January 2021 to December 2024
potable water
safe water sources
drinking water treatment
drinking water quality
health impact
drinking water interventions
Mountains of the Moon University (Uganda)
Research fields
Business and Economics
Medicine and Health Sciences

Lack of access to potable water is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in low and middle-income countries. Especially the health burden of diarrheal disease is immense and falls disproportionately on children below five years. To improve drinking water quality at home, water interventions either focus on access to safe water sources (point-of-source: POS) or drinking water treatment at home (point-of-use-: POU). This research project encompasses four experiments to measure the impact of both POS and POU interventions in rural Uganda. The scope of the research is multidimensional. Besides studying the drinking water quality outcomes and the health impact of the drinking water interventions, we also consider uptake and adherence to safe water, financial and time savings due to the interventions and willingness to pay for safe drinking water.