Middle East and North Africa Research Group (MENARG)

The MENARG is a multidisciplinary research group housed within the Center for Third World Studies. The MENARG is primarily dedicated to the production of new knowledge about -and critical insight into- politics, society, and economy in the contemporary Middle East and North Africa.


Menarch Research - Funded research 

  • The “emancipator elasticity” of Islam: the relation between divine authority, cultural authenticity, and human emancipation in the political discourse of Egyptian Muslim intellectuals
  • Democratic transitions in the Middle East and North Africa. A comparative study of Morocco and Egypt
  • The influence of transnational political mobilisation on homeland conflicts.
Menarch Research - Non-funded research 
  • Religion and Politics in Islamic Northern Nigeria: A Case Study of Kaduna State
  • Criminalising the Other. The discursice imagination of ‘the Other’ from a “field-perspective”.
Joint Research 
  • Political and religious equilibrium in the Arab World and Muslim community
  • The Impact of the ‘Global War on Terror’ on contemporary civil wars