International Training Programme: International Molecular Biology Lab (MoBiLab)Training Programme

October 2023 to September 2026
molecular biology
laboratory reagents
molecular techniques
network expansion
link with private sector
Kenyatta University (Kenya)
Moi University (Kenya)
Makerere University (Uganda)
Muni University (Uganda)
Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia)
Haramaya University (Ethiopia)
Research fields
Agriculture and Food Sciences

The MoBiLab Training Programme is an International Training Program (ITP) funded by VlIR-UOS and coordinated by the International Plant Biotechnology Outreach (IPBO). It focuses on Molecular Biology and is a collaboration with six higher education institutions (HEIs) in Kenya (Kenyatta & Moi University), Uganda (Makerere & Muni University), and Ethiopia (Addis Ababa & Haramaya University). The MoBiLab project aims to address the lack of accessible molecular biology training in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). It provides attendees from these countries with training in basic and advanced molecular techniques and soft skills to advance their research careers.

IPBO leads the Training of Trainers (basic and advanced molecular courses) sessions while collaborating with the dedicated team from Inqaba Biotec Africa, a company specializing in laboratory reagents. This collaboration is poised to fortify the connection between HEIs and the private sector, facilitating network expansion and providing post-graduates with promising employment prospects.