International Master in Advanced Design of Sustainable Ships and Offshore Structures

September 2024 to August 2029
ships and offshore structures
sustainable maritime transport
naval architecture
maritime technology
offshore engineering
renewable energy
University of Science and Technology of Oran Mohamed-Boudiaf (Algeria)
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (Egypt)
Research fields
Technology and Engineering

Not only in Europe but all around the world there is more need than ever for highly qualified engineers of all types of expertise. This is even more true in the globalized maritime and offshore market which is at the dawn of massive challenges and, luckily, opportunities. For which the energy transition (both for vessels and to create offshore energy for landbased locations) is only a single but important example. In order to fulfill this need, this two year master after bachelor program is proposed.

EMshipInternational Master in Advanced Design of Sustainable Ships and Offshore Structures, is an advanced two-year master’s level education programme (120 ECTS) in design and optimisation of ships and offshore structures dedicated to sustainable maritime transport, ships, offshore and renewable energy structures. Thanks to its strong background and complementary expertise, the EMship Consortium tackles: rapid technological evolution in the fields of naval architecture, maritime technology and offshore engineering, growing demand from companies for graduates with up-to-date competences and societal challenges related to global warming (need for energy saving, renewable energy sources, more efficient and less polluting means of transport…).