Enhancing the provision of legal aid services through the use of tailored multimedia contents: a micro-learning approach

October 2023 to September 2025
access to justice
legal aid services
capacity of paralegals
intercultural skills
Mzumbe University (Tanzania)
Research fields
Law and Political Science
Social Sciences

In Tanzania, incidents of discrimination towards the marginalised at family level, at schools, at work, and in prisons, among others, go unreported for lack of knowledge about access to justice. The government has approved the provision of legal aid services by qualified advocates and registered legal aid providers (paralegals). However, the level of awareness of the existence of such organs is still minimal. Moreover, the society still thinks that legal aid services are costful, while paralegal organisations offer legal aid services free of charge. This project aims at working with the MzU Legal Aid Clinic and other paralegal organisations to develop tailored micro-contents that can be easily disseminated through social media and other appropriate channels. The micro-contents will strengthen the capacity of paralegals in provision of legal aid services, and create awareness to the society. Moreover, the micro-contents will be adopted in the curricula for Higher Learning Institutions to improve the teaching and learning process. This initiative seeks to apply intercultural skills to make legal means more accessible.