Cassava Cyanide Diseases & Neurolathyrism Network

September 2009 to September 2022
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The ‘Cassava Cyanide Diseases & Neurolathyrism Network’ (CCDNN) is a free worldwide network aiming to eliminate cyanide poisoning, konzo, tropical ataxic neuropathy (TAN) and neurolathyrism. The CCDN Network has nearly 700 members worldwide from 60 countries and is free. If you wish to join please contact the coordinator.


Dr Howard Bradbury of the Australian National University established the Cassava Cyanide Diseases Network in June 2001 as a free worldwide network towards the elimination of konzo, Tropical Ataxic Neuropathy (TAN) and other cassava cyanide linked diseases.

From June 2003 a 6-monthly Newsletter was edited by Dr Bradbury and colleagues and sent free to all members of the network.

In December 2009, after an international workshop organized by IPBO on “Toxico-nutritional neuro-degenerations Konzo and Neurolathyrism”, the Cassava Cyanide Diseases Network was expanded to include neurolathyrism and its name changed into  ‘Cassava Cyanide Diseases & Neurolathyrism Network’ (CCDNN).

In 2012, after editing and publishing 18 newsletters, Dr Bradbury requested Dr Fernand Lambein to take over the editorship of CCDNNews and to further coordinate the CCDNNetwork. Since issue 19 of June 2012, IPBO is now publishing this Newsletter and mailing it to over 700 members of the CCDNNetwork.