PhD defence Ruben Wissing (Faculty of Law and Criminology)



You are kindly invited to the public PhD defence of


Ruben Wissing

“Safe with the Neighbours? Legal and actual protection of forced migrants in the Global South: perspectives on and from Morocco”


Prof.  Ellen Desmet



Prof. Evangelia Tsourdi (Maastricht University)

Prof. Barbara Oomen (Utrecht University

Prof. Yousra Abourabi (Université Internationale de Rabat)



Prof. Marie-Bénédicte Dembour

Prof. Sami Zemni



Prof. Michel Tison (chairperson) 





28 November 2022 at 6 p.m.

Aula Voldersstraat 9  9000 Gent





The public defence is followed by a reception


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About the dissertation:

This dissertation presents doctoral research on the protection of forced migrants in Morocco. It compiles three papers, an introduction, conclusions and policy recommendations. To avoid hegemonic and Eurocentric thinking, different disciplinary approaches are taken: a doctrinal analysis of international law, a socio-legal study based on fieldwork with Congolese migrants in Rabat, and an international relations assessment of Morocco’s African migration policy. The results show the a dynamic agency in the Global South, especially among the Congolese migrants, within structuring global power imbalance dominated by the North. A new concept of ‘protection consciousness’ is elaborated to give expression to migrants understanding of protection. The research also recommends to further develop a legally binding mechanism to allocate the shared responsibility for the protection of forced migrants in proportion to the respective capacity of each state.