Lecture on Black Liberation and its Intersection with Palestine



We are thrilled to invite you on Sunday 10 December 2023 to join us for a thought-provoking lecture on "Black Liberation and its Intersection with Palestine."

Our event, conducted entirely online and in English, will feature distinguished speakers who bring unique perspectives to this crucial conversation. We are honored to have Philsan Omar Osman, Rachida Aziz, and Lema Nazeeh as our speakers. They will each contribute their expertise to shed light on the parallels between the struggles for liberation in different contexts.

Umoja recognises the importance of addressing issues related to liberation and resistance, particularly among oppressed communities. Focusing on the commonalities between the Black liberation movement and the Palestinian cause, our speakers will delve into the shared experiences of oppressed people and the collective efforts towards emancipation. We believe that understanding these intersections is essential for building solidarity and fostering a global community that stands against injustice, colonialism and white supremacy.

To participate in this enlightening event, we kindly ask you to complete the registration form below. Upon registration, you will receive an email containing the invitation link to the Microsoft Teams platform, where the event will take place starting at 7pm until 9pm.

Link to register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1kjUI2aZ9UaN94Ppp6zDMEpL_kK0s84TpID22AQI5LIg/