Horizon Europe Cluster 6: info days call 2024 & training for proposal writing



The Horizon Europe Cluster 6 call 2024 offers a wide range of opportunities to set up collaborative projects in the domains “natural resources, bioeconomy, food, agriculture and circular economy”. Deadline for applications will be 22/02/2024, so now is the right time to take action. Here is what we suggest you to do:

  1. Find the topics of interest for you, either by searching yourself on the F&T portal, or by requesting a personalised “top 10” of topics to the EU Team. If you go for the last option, you may just reply to this email.
  2. Get inspired and learn about the topics during the Cluster 6 info days on September 27-28. Register to follow the info days online, or live in Brussels. If you’d like to meet potential project partners, we highly recommend you to join the live event in Brussels as it’s a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people and interested stakeholders. These info days are also the perfect moment to clarify any questions you may have on the topic texts.
  3. Reach out to your network to find partners for a core consortium, or to join consortia in the making.
  4. Follow a training to familiarise yourself with the submission process, learn tips and tricks for writing strong proposals and increase your chances of success. See the activities tab on this page: the coordinator trainings for Cluster projects are planned soon.
  5. Discuss your idea, or set up a Horizon Europe strategy with your account manager: Sylvia Burssens for the domains food/agriculture/natural resources and Sylvia Gildemyn for the domains bioeconomy/environment.


We hope to interact with many of you in the coming weeks and months, preparing project proposals for the Cluster 6 call 2024.


Kind regards,

Sylvia Gildemyn