Feedback on the Workshop: "Migration aspiration, immobility and well-being" organised in Senegal



Workshop « Migration aspiration, immobility and well-being », Université Assane Seck Ziguinchor, Senegal, 20 March 2024

Following an exploratory study focused on the link between well-being, attachment to the living environment of young people in Casamance, and involuntary immobility (Debray et al., In Review), it has been deemed opportune to raise awareness among the population (government agencies, public and private development actors, as well as the civilian population) about the importance of considering the well-being of young people, regardless of their aspirations.

A workshop was organized on March 20, 2024, to present the preliminary results of the study and gather comments and reactions from various stakeholders to be considered for the remainder of the research project.

Additionally, this event provided an opportunity to intersect testimonies and perspectives from different sectors to collectively reflect and propose, through a co-creation approach, academic, policy, and intervention recommendations aimed at better addressing the socio-economic and mental situation of young people in Casamance and Senegal and improve their resilience.

The information exchanged during the workshop will be compiled into a set of recommendations based on research findings, participant experiences, and the local context.