EU launches joint innovation dashboard with African Union



Dashboard will display innovation projects contributing to AU-EU joint strategy

The African Union and EU have launched a dashboard that will display projects aligning with their 2023 joint innovation agenda as a step towards implementing their vision for 2030.

Launched this week, the ‘Dashboard of initiatives’ is intended to help coordinate innovation efforts and investment in environmental sustainability, health and technology.

At the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Days conference in Brussels on 20 March, African Union innovation commissioner Mohamed Belhocine (pictured) welcomed the dashboard as “a continuation of our horizontal engagement”.

The aim of the Dashboard is to align as many initiatives as possible underneath the respective actions of the AU-EU Innovation Agenda to whose implementation they are contributing.

This is expected to foster collaborations, leverage complementarities and catalyse potential synergies among initiatives with affinities in scope (thematically and geographically), aligned under the same action. This is hoped to generate a catalyst momentum for future initiatives and collaborations on the implementation of the AU-EU Innovation Agenda.