The GAP Newsletter publishes announcements on Africa-related activities taking place at and around Ghent University Association. In addition to the activities directly connected to Ghent University Association, the Newsletter also announces the activities of AEGIS, the European research network of African studies centres, of which GAP is a member. Further, the Newsletter reports on a wide variety of events GAP members are involved in. Finally, there is a section Miscellanea.

In order to work efficiently when putting together this newsletter, it is necessary to set a few rules. Please, send your message to with “Announcement Newsletter” in the Subject heading. The message itself should be no longer than two paragraphs, since its main function is to refer to persons or places (email addresses, internet sites) which can provide further information. It is also important to know that the content of the messages will only be shortened (if necessary), but not corrected. Incorrect links will thus merely be deleted, not amended. We are looking forward to your numerous contributions!

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